Mysterious New Group ‘W I S H I W A S’ Bursts Onto The Scene With Five Masterfully Crafted Tunes

The new year is in full swing and as always the hunt is on for new up and coming talent. Enter the mysterious new group W I S H I W A S. Seemingly appearing out of the blue, these guys (or girls) came out swinging with five masterfully crafted tracks. Other than their stellar music, the little information we have on this group is that they are based in Los Angeles and are quickly gaining traction, going from seven Soundcloud followers to almost 800 in less than a week. One thing is certain, W I S H I W A S are no amateurs. Their tracks are intricately designed with layers of elements borrowed from a multitude of genres in combination with acoustic instrumentals and ethereal indiscernible vocals. The four tracks cover a broad spectrum of sound and feel, where “Occam’s Razor” is bright, “Burn The Lights” is urgent, and “An Argument From Authority” juxtaposes the melancholy of “Cutting Ties'” with intense deep riffs. We have a feeling that W I S H I W A S is linked to an already well known artist (in the same vein as Galantis), which begs the question will they reveal themselves? Maybe, maybe not. Ultimately does it really matter? The music speaks for itself. “One cannot discover new oceans unless they have courage to lose sight of the shore.

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