KaZantip Finds Refuge in Cambodia for 2015 Winter Edition

Eastern European electronic musical festival, KaZantip, is on the move yet again. Hailing from the Crimean peninsula from 1992 to 2013, this fest originally started as no more than an after party for windsurfers. Having already hosted it’s residence in the unfinished Crimean Atomic Energy Station near Shchelkino from 1995-1999, moving to Vesele then staying in Popivka for the next 12 years. Due to politically unstable circumstances in Crimea, the festival was held in another country: Anaklia, Georgia. The 2014 edition met with a lot of resistance from Georgia groups so they picked up and have set up shop in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

“KaZantip is all about living your dreams. KaZantip is an imaginary place where you can escape for a limited time during your summer holidays, from the problems and limitations of the real world while listening to great music form hundredths of talented DJ’s dancing all time long. Pushing adrenalin in to your veins on the X Sports areal… Or just relaxing while chilling out, celebrating happiness and enjoying life”

With Jamie Jones, Tiësto and Netsky being just a few faces on this packed to the brim line up, from Februrary 18-28, KaZantip will be host to a slew of electronic music’s finest on just a small 1km-square island. Adventuring in uncharted territory with a winter festival as kaZantip has usually held it’s affair in August. Tickets and more info are available here.

kaZantip 2013 Aftermovie