EDMT Presents: 15 Hidden Gems – December 2014

EDMT Presents: 15 Hidden Gems - December 2014

For every song music blogs lift to fame, countless others miss the spotlight. This phenomena thrives in the current conditions of constant music creation: new original songs, remixes, covers and podcasts come out every day and compete for attention. Inevitably, brilliant tracks suffer from underexposure and miss the popularity they deserve. SO, I have the pleasure of announcing that EDMT will publish a monthly feature of overlooked songs. Welcome to the 15 songs of December you missed.

1. Kicking off the playlist, Flaxo‘s new remix of Young the Giant’s Mind Over Matter demonstrates the successful cultivation of the young producer’s style. The American producer characteristically pauses the highest energy sections for heavily modulated female vocal bits. Complete with satisfying chord progressions and clean drums, this remix soars off the original song’s intensity.

2. Australian producer Apocalypto teamed up with Malasyian Mr. Fluff for a high-energy remix of Azealia Banks’ “Chasing Time.” Short vocal samples and drums introduce the song; Banks’ spiteful lyrics lead into an electro-house climax to bring it home.

3. Stockholm-based Littlecloud broke into popularity two months ago when Ryan Hemsworth gave her track You the limelight. The swedish artist has delivered another track, and this one defines ultra-chill. This relaxed reconsideration of Motëm’s “Sinking Feeling” might give you chills.

4. British duo Oh Wonder enjoyed SizzleBird‘s efforts this month with his rework of “All We Do.” The producer’s standard set of warm piano chords blend well with the somber vocals. The track is available for free download on soundcloud.

5. Perhaps in an effort to emulate Vanic’s recent success, B. Lewis remixed a K. Flay original – Time For You. The Californian producer doesn’t follow Vanic’s anthemic, manic drum and bass style, but instead takes K. Flay’s vocals into a moody, downbeat track.

6. San Francisco-based T-Mass paid tribute to chill-trap-legend Flume this month with “Up In Flumes.” His witty remix copies Flume’s characteristic use of intimate vocals perfectly.

7. Vancouver producer Noble Oak gives us a 5 minute break from our troubles with his new dreamy track Erase Me. The song’s self-abusive lyrics float through the sound-filled space of drums and squeaky samples.

8. Honne exploded on Hypem this month, hitting #1 for their brooding The Night. Their recent, lesser-known remix of Rae Morris‘ “Under The Shadows” has similar charms and shows off the duo’s downbeat style.

9. LA-based Shines rethought Caribou’s Second Chance numbs the mind . The remix hints at a new direction for Shines, away from acutely electronic, choppy synths and towards smoother warmth.

10. Portland-based Arkana‘s recent “Genesis” EP impressed with its fourth track, Beyond The Void. Sonic, swelling progressions chart the journey across sustained notes and arpeggio.

11. Philadelphia’s Zach Caraher, AKA Big Z, released a fun remix of Dada Life’s One Smile. Let his funky rethink cheer up the post-holiday lull.

12. Australian producer Slynk reminds us that a few thing good things actually did happen in the 90s’ with his remix of Young Black Teenager’s Tap The Bottle. His festive drums and bass line share the funky track well with the nostalgia-inducing vocals.

13. Brooklyn-based edgito‘s thoughtful remix of “No Diggity” amplifies the playful tone of the legendary original into a supreme party tune.

14. 18 year old Nativ Levy‘s remix of Ben Howard’s Conrad charms for the full four minutes because the song’s tropical rifts keep it relaxing.

15. Finishing off our playlist, Newzealand darling Maya Payne took a huge step forward on her indie-electronic path with “If Only,” her new single release.

See you next month.