LOUDPVCK Proves That Trap ‘Freaks Have More Fun’ With Dada Life Remix


Dada Life – Freaks Have More Fun (LOUDPVCK Remix)

Dada Life‘s latest party-starting anthem, “Freaks Have More Fun“, was another electro-house hit for the Swedish pair when they dropped it late last year. Los Angeles-based duo LOUDPVCK took the best elements from the original track, mainly the chant-like repetition of the title and the general no-holds-barred hard-partying tone, and brought their own unique West Coast-bred trap sound. The heavy drop and blaring horns epitomize the big room trap sound that has become so popular and prevalent as of late. LOUDPVCK trade in electro beats for heavy percussion and elevate what could have been a by-the-numbers trap take on the song to a gritty, down-low unique vision that combines the best of both worlds. Be sure to grab this fresh and unexpected take on “Freaks Have More Fun” now, available from So Much Dada.