Preview Every Track on Above & Beyond’s Album, ‘We Are All We Need’

Preview Every Track on Above & Beyond's New Album We Are All We Need

From what we’re hearing, Above & Beyond’s new album We Are All We Need is going to be fantastic. The guys have already given us three incredible singles, “We’re All We Need,” “Sticky Fingers,” and “Blue Sky Action.”, not to mention the big room bouncer, “Hello”.  The fourth A&B studio album features vocals from the big 3 of the current Above & Beyond vocal era, Zoë Johnston, Alex Vargas, and Justine Suissa. “Making Plans” has also made it on there, this time however, being sung by Alex Vargas instead of Tony himself.  In anticipation of the album’s January release, take a listen to a preview of each of the 16 tracks on the album through iTunes.  The full tracklist for We Are All We Need is below.

1. “Quieter Is Louder”
2. “We’re All We Need” (featuring Zoë Johnston)
3. “Blue Sky Action” (featuring Alex Vargas)
4. “Peace Of Mind” (featuring Zoë Johnston)
5. “Counting Down The Days” (featuring Gemma Hayes)
6. “Sticky Fingers” (featuring Alex Vargas)
7. “Hello”
8. “Little Something” (featuring Justine Suissa)
9. “All Over The World” (featuring Alex Vargas)
10. “Fly To New York” (featuring Zoë Johnston)
11. “Making Plans” (featuring Alex Vargas)
12. “Out Of Time”
13. “Excuses”
14. “Save Me” (featuring Zoë Johnston)
15. “Sink The Lighthouse” (featuring Alex Vargas)
16. “Treasure” (featuring Zoë Johnston)

We Are All We Need is available for preorder now before its release by Anjunabeats on January 19th, 2015 in the UK and January 20th, 2015 in the States.