‘My Moments’ Concept Launches With Wyclef Jean Via Spotify

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Listen/Stream: Spotify

The idea of music curation has become increasingly more prominent over the past year in the general sense of all things music. With music streaming service, Spotify, seemingly leading the way into this ever-growing digital age, its newest concept, ‘My Moments’, it set to take all of this to the next level . With its launch set to bring together industry professionals, key tastemakers, and music programming specialists alike, ‘My Moments’ is on a path to change the way we listen to curated content.

With ‘My Moments’ being a sub-concept of the recently formed ‘MOMENTS’ playlist, the inaugural launch of this new idea is set to be hosted by none other then key music influencer, Wyclef Jean. Hot off the heels of his newest release with one of EDM’s giants, Avicii, his debut single off of his seventh studio album, Clefication, shows just how unique the Haitian born star is. Going through Wyclef’s playlist, it is obvious from the start just how musical diverse this man truly is. Citing everything from Rock, to Hip-Hop, to Jazz, and everything in between, as key influences on his musical taste, this forty track playlist features an array of tracks that will help further ones musical discovery. As we push forward to the end of 2014 and into the beginning of 2015, the newly formed Spotify playlist is only getting started. With the likes of Ash Pournouri up next, ‘My Moments’ has only just begun!