JACK Ü Shines in New ‘Take Ü There’ Music Video

Tired of the same old music videos that try to stuff as much weirdness as possible in a four-minute span? Well, brace yourself as JACK Ü has broken the mold here with a dazzling new video accompaniment for their single ‘Take Ü There.’ It ain’t your typical school project music video either (although it makes for a great alibi when confronted by the fuzz). The video is essentially a huge #tbt, featuring a bunch of footage from live ‘Take Ü There’ performances from this summer, during the Mad Decent Block Party tour. The production value of the video is also very impressive. With animations flying left and right, along with superimposed Ü’s everywhere, its impossible to not be entertained. Also, the Skrillex pizza toss at 3:13 is beyond cool, so whoever was in charge of the animation serves a serious dap. So take a few minutes out of your Tuesday and check out Jack Ü’s newest music video, trust me you will not be disappointed.