Lorde Fires Back After Diplo CrowdSources a “Get Taylor Swift a Booty” Campaign

Baby Daddy Diplo’s Twitter is a consistent go-to for some comedic mischief. But his most recent antics of trying to start a crowd-sourced campaign to get Taylor Swift a booty hasn’t been met with as many grins and chuckles as he may be used to. After tweeting out a suggestion that somebody should start a crowd source to get the female superstar a donk, Diplo continued the rues by retweeting and supporting the link when somebody actually took his advice and started a Fundly site for it.

This caused blogs, artists, and the all encompassing internets to explode with rants of objectification, women-flaming, and Wesley hating which turned a typical Diplo joke into some sort of cultural critique. While this isn’t to say that Diplo’s comments were entirely tweeted in good spirits, it is a way of asking what are you expectations of rants of raves from the self-proclaimed Baby Daddy Diplo. It’s safe to say that he isn’t the voice of our generation, and while he puts out banging tunes almost on the daily, his personality across social media is that of a school boy rascal who is constantly cracking these jokes. These types of stunts are just another day on the playground.

While Taylor Swift remained silent through all of this, Ya Ya Lorde (I am Lorde) Ya chimed in with some Diplo-directed heat of her own. Since the two knowingly have worked on the track ‘Tennis Court’ for the Hunger Games sound track, we may not know if these tweets were friendly wise cracks directed at Baby Daddy or if they are the new feminist manifesto in 140 characters or less meant to hit him where it hurts.

Long story short, Diplo is known for his audacious sense of humor. So if you want follow the personality attached to the twerk, follow hisTwitter. If you want to follow the music and not the person, just get at his SoundCloud.