DanceSafe Is Doing An AMA On Reddit Today 3PM PST!

DanceSafe AMA - Reddit 3 PM

As OD’s & medical issues continue to plague parties all over the world, DanceSafe is one of the only organizations dedicated to getting information about safety and harm reduction to the people. Yes, that means you. If you’ve seen their tables at parties, you know they’re big on giving out ear plugs, water and getting vitamins (to minimize hangovers) and testing kits (to make sure you’re not taking bath salts). They’ll be answering your questions today in r/electronicmusic, one of the bigger dance music sub-reddits on that site. They’ll probably be talking about some of the more recent problems festivals & concerts have had with people doing drugs they didn’t test, and their recently launched Visionaries program.

This is your chance to ask them that weird question you & your friends have been wondering about, and of course, to yell at them if you honestly don’t believe in what they’re doing. The idea of harm reduction is a pretty solid one though, so I’d be careful. These guys are well informed, hardworking and know more about drugs than you or I. If you want to mix it up, make sure to do your research. Also, if you TOTALLY support what they’re doing, feel free to check in and tell them. I know they love the positive feedback & encouragement. So head on over there later today and tell them EDMTunes sent ya.