DVBBS Taken Into Custody By 3 Police Officers For Possession of Marijuana

If you’ve been an avid follower of the DVBBS brothers, you would know that they’re huge advocates of the 420 movement. Known for interacting with their Twitter fans over “smoke sessions,” routinely smoking backstage before hitting the decks, and even puffing on a blunt in their artist profile picture (above), the boys have built quite a reputation for themselves for smoking weed.

The duo found themselves in a pickle last night after a not-so-successful outing at their ATL show alongside 2Chainz, Eddie Gold, Midnite Panda, and many more. Due to a mixup with their timeslot, Alex and Chris “Chronicles” were pulled from their set only a few tracks in and returned to their hotel room to spark up a few doobies. It was there where Chris was reportedly arrested by 3 police officers for possession of half a joint. Of course, they took to Twitter to explain the details: