TheFatRat Channels Inner James Bond with ‘Xenogenesis’

TheFatRat - Xenogenesis

TheFatRat – Xenogenesis

TheFatRat wants orchestral trapstep on your radar because his latest release on Tasty Records is a stunning original that needs to be placed in the next James Bond movie. The booming brass instruments of ‘Xenogenesis‘ create a mask of sound that will incapsulate your entire body, leaving you in chills and eager for the next wave of horns. TheFatRat has always been a source of musical ingenuity who delves into all genres. Tasty Records has been off to a hot start ever since they decided to make the bold move from being a promotional channel to becoming a record label. This is TheFatRat’s second release on Tasty and certainly won’t be the last. Nearly a year ago, we supported the artist’s funked out version of ‘All Night‘ by Icona Pop, so be sure you listen to that gem if you’re trying to dance on the dinner table tonight.

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