South Park Pokes Fun At Producers and Music Production In Latest Episode

Who could forget earlier in the year when Saturday Night Live took a stab at the world of dance music when they mocked DJs and mind-blowing drops. Now, another show that love to push the boundaries has decided to poke fun at a different controversial topic in music, as last night’s South Park episode ripped on production. The episode deals with Randy trying to cope with his dual identity as Lorde and at one point, he shows Stan how he comes up with his songs. Stan is obviously sceptical about the fact that his Dad is the female superstar, but Randy shows that just by adding some drum loops, backup instruments and auto-tune, he can transform his little bathroom recording into a hit song. The clip suggests that producers have the ability to totally transform tracks with a few clicks of a button and that this process only takes a few seconds. While we’re sure many artists would disagree with South Park‘s take on the simplicity of production, there is no doubt that a few of them will get a good laugh out of this clip.