Flux Pavilion Sends A Personal Message To His “Haters”

It’s not uncommon in today’s fast-paced & ever-changing world of dance music that artists begin to experiment with new styles and deviate from the signature musical nuances and sounds that once defined and shaped their musical personas. Whenever this occurs, fans tend to get disgruntled because they feel like they are losing their favorite music and musicians to common musical trends, which subsequently means that there is an absence of the unique features that once made their favorite artists stand out above the rest. In today’s EDM world, artists are constantly subjected to the pressures of the current popular sounds and feel the need to conform in order to stay current in a music industry that morphs at such an extremely high rate. Such is the case for Flux Pavilion, who recently took to Facebook to confront this issue that he is currently facing with him and his “Fluxicles” and aimed to both defend and shed some light on the producers’ end of this prevalent issue.