SNL Pokes Fun at Dance Music’s Overpriced DJs, Avicii and ‘Mind-Blowing’ Drops

It was only a matter of time before dance music’s  cultural phenomenon reached the satirical eyes and ears of Saturday Night Live. With the amount of controversy and stereotypes that circulate the scene on a daily basis, it’s more a question of how than what to make fun of.

Now, in a recently released digital short; previously held in storage after Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer left the show, some amounts of humorous light is shed on electronic music’s typical nightlife scene. While everything from money hungry DJ, anxiety-inducing snare builds and ‘techno’ breakdowns to the climactic bass drops and the smashing of buttons are all nodded at throughout the short, it’s good to know that the satirical side of our beloved scene is trusted to the genius of Samberg.

Watch the clip above as heads explode, basses drop, and crowds appear to ‘literally can’t even right now’.