New Study Indicates What Music Smart People Listen To

Have you ever listened to a particular song and thought, “How could people be dumb enough to like this?” Software application writer Virgil Griffith has and he decided to see if there if there is a relationship between our intelligence and the type of music we listen to. The study took place in 2009, but thanks to this new chart, it has been given new life. In order to examine the corralation, he examined the average SAT scores of certain schools along with Facebook ‘likes’ from their students to determine which musicians were the most popular. The process might not make for the most accurate theory, but the study definitely produced some interesting results.

According to the chart, smart people are listening to artists like Bob Dylan, The Beatles, U2 and not surprisingly, Beethoven. On the other hand, people who attend schools that have a low SAT average tend to like Beyonce, The Used and Lil Wayne. As for your favorite DJs and producers, it is important to remember that this study took place prior to the dance music explosion. ‘Techno‘ does make an appearance on the chart though, and is located in the lower-middle area alongside artists like Blink-182 and Kanye West. Check out the full chart down below and let us know what you think about it.

Via Consequence of Sound