Calvin Harris – Open Wide (feat. Big Sean) [Official Music Video]

Calvin Harris Motion 
When Calvin Harris released the official track list for his forthcoming studio album Motion, one of the many collaborations that stood out was with rapper Big Sean. More and more dance music producers have been venturing into hip-hop territory, and Calvin Harris has done so with Open Wide, a tune that may sound very familiar to one of his current releases.

If you thought, “Hey, Open Wide sounds a lot like C.U.B.A.,”—Calvin Harris’ instrumental Beatport number one hit—well, that’s because it is. Harris took advantage of the incredible success he achieved with C.U.B.A., and reworked it into a hip-hop masterpiece. Harris has one of the best sets of ears in the music industry, and he saw the potential for growth in recreating C.U.B.A. into a rap song. Along with the refurbished tune comes the music video, featuring a gun shootout in the middle of a desert with Harris and Big Sean right in the middle of it.

Pre-order Harris’ album on iTunes today and Open Wide will instantly be downloaded to your library.