Avicii Takes a Much Deserved Break, Focuses on Music


After 3 years of riding a tidal wave of momentum, there had to come a point in Avicii‘s career where his Superman-esque status and lifestyle was brought back down to earth. Since his release of ‘Seek Bromance’ in 2010, and the legendary (or infamous depending on your perspective) ‘Levels’, Tim Berling has done nothing but grow at a rate experienced by few men before him. With the growth and attention came sold-out shows on the reg (often back to back, even in different time zones), podcast production, laborious studio hours, merchandising and interviews; Avicii managed to be everywhere at anytime, and that’ll takes a toll on anyone’s life.

Unfortunately, 2014 has been the year where that tidal wave seems to have come crashing down. After he was unable to attend Ultra Music Fest in Miami for health issues, performed in Boston where roughly 40 people were hospitalized (still not as bad a Keith Urban show), and cancelled all his performances going forward, you’d think that 2014 should be a year Avicii would chalk up as a unsuccessful year. Despite all this though, he’s still got projects in the works and has even released a single to unveil his sophomore album. Avicii had his first interview since the cancellations, with Billboard, and shed a little more light on his situation.

In the interview, he discusses how he hadn’t really let his health issues get in the way, and pressed forward even while acknolwedging he needed a break:
“Since my operation, I’d just been going and going. I was dropping weight. I needed to take a break.”

“I took a month off, but it wasn’t really a month off. I was in the studio 12 hours a day, and then went right back to touring. It’s hard to say no in this industry. You want to play everything and be everywhere.”

Now though, he’s giving himself the time he needs to get away and come back better than before:

“I’m going to try to slow it down. Taking a break was the absolute best thing I’ve done. I’m doing better and better.”

His conversation with Billboard leaves us hopeful for a continued groundbreaking career. His statements sound like he’s the most positive he’s ever been and the down-time should leave him time to be himself, open his mind, and focus on his passion:

“For once in my life, I don’t feel the rush to do anything. I can take my time and focus 100 percent on the album, which has always been where my first passion really lies — in the music.”

Via: Billboard