Kaskade Defends EDM After Keith Urban Show
The quickly-spreading news of a proportionally-large mass of arrests and hospitalizations at a recent Keith Urban concert has spurred perpetual electronic music defense attorney Kaskade to take to Twitter in support of the festival scene once again. According to The Boston Herald, there were more than 50 arrests and 46 medical incidents at a Saturday stop of Keith Urban’s Raise ‘Em Up tour at The Xfinity Center, including 22 alcohol related hospitalizations….out of ONLY 18,000 attendees!

Percentage wise, that is obscene in comparison to the larger scale electronic music festivals that are blasted fear-mongering style among mainstream news outlets, with roughly .2555% of attendees at the country concert being negatively affected. Recently, 3LAU posted a status on Facebook about Tomorrowworld‘s statistics, being that a reported total of 2 arrests and 17 medical transports occurred, with more than 140,000 people attending according to Wikipedia…calculating at a rate of about .000121%; which is a massive percentage difference.

Uh oh, Boston, remember that Avicii concert when those 40 fans were hospitalized and how the “burn EDM at the stake” actions came forth from it? Time to launch a witch hunt on country now, just to be fair. I mean, Salem is pretty close by isn’t it?


Kaskade puts all this into a much more succinct format than this, though. On Twitter, you have to. Ryan basically reminded the world that these kinds of incidents can and do happen everywhere…among all festivals/events of all genres of music.


One last aside. We are left to wonder if there was a “Level 2 Mass Casualty” incident declared, as we can recall from the Avicii show, Rolling Stone reported this:

McKenzie Ridings, social media manager for Boston Public Health Commission, told Rolling Stone that a “Level 2 Mass Casualty” incident was declared. While no fatalities were reported, Ridings said Boston EMS uses this level to “notify area hospitals of the potential for 11-30 incoming patients and allow for them to be prepared for that influx.”


Maybe that (or reporting on its occurrence for fear based purposes) only applies to us, though.