Anjunadeep Set to Take Over TomorrowWorld’s Magical Friday

Anjunadeep Taking Over TomorrowWorld's Magical Friday
TomorrowWorld is just around the corner ready to kick off its second year in the scenic greenery of the Chattahoochee Hills in Georgia. The lush variety of activities and music will undoubtedly offer ample opportunity for exploration of new sounds, the discovery of which will resonate beyond the conclusion of the weekend. The lineup for all three days is jam packed with everything from the latest in the mainstream to the crème de le crème in the underground. With so many different stage hosts, superstars, and burgeoning talent to check out, it’s a heartbreaking task to make schedules because sacrifices are inevitable. It’s a painful process but certainly a good problem to have.

Out of all the stages and hosts vying for your attention and presence, there is one in particular that should not be missed: the Anjunadeep Stage. An imprint that has been a consistent force at the forefront of melodic deep and progressive house, Anjunadeep is making its U.S. debut as a festival stage host and taking over TomorrowWorld’s Magical Friday. Even if you haven’t explored the deeper end of dance music, the name should sound familiar as its parent label is Anjunabeats and manned by James Grant (brother to Jono Grant of Above and Beyond). Just like its parent label, Anjunadeep is world renowned for its impeccable taste in selection and talent discovery within its respective field and is currently leading the wave of deep house that’s crashing the big room shores of the United States.

With the rise of popularity in deep house and its variations spilling over from Europe, the larger and more current market for dance music in the U.S. is starting to catch up to the sound as many of the fans who entered circa 2011 are now refining their tastes and in search of something different. The current explosion of new talent and greater exposure of existing artists is the other end of that equation. As a result, we are seeing a greater presence of artists representing the genre or at least some semblance of the sound at festivals and on the airwaves. For the long standing fans and even recent entrants in to electronic music who are unmoved by the generic house music permeating the main stage, this change in tide is a welcomed breathe of fresh air.

So, if you’re looking to explore beyond the main stage at TomorrowWorld, the Anjunadeep Stage is a great opportunity to tap into music with a gripping, soulful groove. And, with two hour time slots for everyone across the board, the Anjunadeep A Team will be crafting a sonic journey for you to lose yourself in.  Check out some of their mixes below, and do yourself a favor and spend some time on the Anjunadeep Stage.