The Weeknd – King Of The Fall (Bames Edit) [Free Download]

King of the Fall

Bryan Boutwell & James Welch, the upcoming electronic music duo Bames, have just released their edit of The Weeknd’s ‘King Of The Fall’. The Weeknd, a crooner from Toronto, Canada, has made waves with his unique twist on classic R&B, one that is more atmospheric, dark, and hard hitting. This style is prevalent on the track, ‘King Of The Fall’, which features dark synth leads, rumbling bass lines, and these trap-inspired drum kicks that feel that they will lead to an insane drop.

Bames takes the template that The Weeknd lays out, and completely flips it. The track is incredibly bouncy, with its drum percussion taking influence from Chicago Juke Music. Trap is also represented in the track, with the classic “million miles per hour” hi-hats that fly everywhere in the mix. It is a style that Bames has been developing over the past year, and is one that has been featured most prominently on their Fools Gold release, DRTY BWTY EP.

The two producers out of Austin are releasing their ‘King Of The Fall’ for free on their Soundcloud, so be sure to check out their page for more sonic goodies.