Mixcloud Follows Soundcloud’s Lead With Implementation of Two Paid-Tiers

The London-based music streaming site known as Mixcloud, who acts as a hub for long-form EDM content such as podcasts and mixes from our favorite artists, has always been free to use as long as you can put up with the occasional advertisements that interrupt your listening. But with Mixcloud’s new paid tiers, which come at a small but manageable cost, you can avoid these adverts.

The first tier, known as the premium tier, will cost the user $6.99 a month or $69.99 for a full year. This will allow you to listen to your music free of advertisements. The PRO tier is the second level available for subscription, and will run you $15 for a month or $135 for the full year. While this is a bit more spendy compared to the first paid tier, it will open up a marketing toolbox similar to Soundcloud’s top-tiered feature which will allow users to see analytical data of who is listening to their music, as well as from where.

Mixcloud’s co-founder Nico Perez recently explained to Billboard that the new tiers will be good for both rights owners and creators. The funding from the tiers will go towards paying music royalty companies who in turn help artists get compensation for their work. Perez states that, “. . .in the USA, the per-track royalty rate that we pay to SoundExchange roughly doubles, and so that extra money should flow to the artists,”

With these new features, it would appear that the people over at Mixcloud have been having a busy year thus far. Mixcloud has seen the addition of a handful of other cool features, one of which includes a ‘repost’ feature similar to that seen on Soundcloud. The company’s CTO, Mat Clayton, expressed his excitement about these new features by saying “We’re excited to launch this feature; it’s had a lot of demand from our community, particularly the content creators on the platform. . . It will open up a number of new ways to share and discover content on Mixcloud.”

Via Billboard