Galimatias Releases Hauntingly Chill Track, ‘Night Owl’

Night Owl

Galimatias – Night Owl 
Label: N/A | Release Date: August 20

Up and coming Denmark producer, Galimatias, is sure to grab the attention of chill electronic music lovers with the release of his new single, ‘Night Owl’. This track is beautifully produced, both in its production value and the overall execution of the song, giving listeners the optimal journey through Galimatias’s exotic, genre-less and forward thinking sound. ‘Night Owl’ opens up subtly with an inviting yet haunting vocal sample accompanied by deep bass and climaxes with an enchanting final drop. Each layer of the track gives it a slightly different style, propelling the song forward while simultaneously adding depth and dimension. Some moments in ‘Night Owl’ are very reminiscent of Bonobo’s revered other-worldly style, and never fails to keep the listener constantly interested.

Galimatias demonstrates his natural talent for producing in ‘Night Owl’ by being able to successfully create a song that morphs with each breakdown while still maintaining cohesiveness. He effortlessly yet expertly knows where to place different sounds and when to build the track or change its direction. For those with a softer side and enjoy listening to artists like Bonobo, Flume or Tycho, Galimatias’s tracks should be the next thing you get your hands on.

If you like ‘Night Owl’, be sure to check out his other recently released track, ‘Ocean Floor Kisses‘.