Jay Z Requested Some Mustard on his Beats

Jay Z Wants DJ Mustard's Beats

In the last year, DJ Mustard has become an ubiquitous force in the hip-hop world; his trademark “Mustard on the beat” can be heard at the beginning of many of 2014’s biggest tracks. The talented producer served as the house DJ at this weekend’s MTV Video Music Awards, but let loose some exciting news while walking the red carpet before the event. Mustard told MTV News that Jay Z emailed him asking him for some of his highly sought after beats. According to Mustard, the hip-hop mogul’s message said: “Send me some beats, you ready for the big leagues now.” Mustard says he sent over some stuff he thinks Jay might like, not knowing where the beats would end up. He also divulged some of the artists on his dean collaborations list, like Calvin Harris and Sam Smith. In the meantime, be sure to check out Mustard’s solo album, 10 Summers and catch his MTV News interview below.