Watch James Zabiela Craft An Exquisite Set For DJ Sounds Debut

My first exposure to James Zabiela and his technical prowess was from a YouTube video he posted after having a little too much caffeine. Then, I had the opportunity to see him live at Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival a few years back and watched as he drove a crowd to madness moving back and forth between the decks and an iPad to deliver his set. It was one of the most impressive feats of skillful DJing I had ever seen in person. So when I saw he was making his debut on the DJ Sounds Show, I couldn’t have been more excited, or more surprised that he was just now making his first appearance. His performance was made even more special as it served as a “thank you” from the Pioneer DJ Facebook page, who just recently eclipsed the 1 million fan mark. James Zabiela has strong connections to the Pioneer brand, as he helped them launch the limited production Platinum Collection which included the CDJ-2000NXS-M, DJM-900NXS-M and RMX-1000-M. In the video above, Zabiela uses that very same equipment to produce a mesmerizing hour-long house set.