Deadmau5 Trolls DJ Mag Top 100 With Personal Top 5 Picks

The DJ Mag Top 100 voting season is upon us yet again, and it didn’t take long for dance music’s favorite troll, deadmau5, to express his feelings toward what he sees as a popularity contest, rather than a metric of actual skill. We all know how apt he is with trolling too, leaving no genre, artist or invention untouched. Mau5 quickly took to Twitter to show his…excitement for this year’s voting:

He even went as far to suggest that a certain wealthy hotel heiress turned DJ should be placed in the Top 3:

But the fun didn’t stop there. He posted his ‘finalized’ Top 5 picks:

Really though, this is only the beginning of the voting season, so there’s plenty of room left for possible Twitter entertainment, and not just from deadmau5. Last year’s results brought about some pretty interesting reactions from other producers, so Joel isn’t the only one with reservations about the annual poll. Stay tuned, as we’ll be sure to keep you posted on the latest in DJ Mag Top 100 news.

Photo Courtesy of Rukes