Deadmau5 Trolls Flo Rida for His New DJ “Technology” Beamz


One of Deadmau5’s beast features is that we don’t have to ever guess what’s on his mind.  Even better, is the knowledge that when we come across something that offends us as EDM fans, we can be rest assured he will take care of the heavy lifting for us.

Enter Beamz by Flo.  Enter debut commercial for Beamz by Flo, starring its lead sponsor, Flo Rida.  Looking at this video below, it’s hard to tell if Flo Rida has declared a public war against the dance music community. After stealing ideas from Diplo, sampling EDM hits like Cry Just a Little, this man is now now professing that “anyone can DJ” with this…this thing.

This was just too much for Mau5 as he took to his favorite public forum, Twitter.  You can see his thought process play out through his tweets. He took to Instagram that night to mock the Beamz technology:

First he becomes aware of Flo’s latest endeavor, this epic piece of “easy to use DJ equipment.”

Deadmau5 Troll 1

Secondly he seeks out Flo Rida’s twitter, and continues his trolling.  The resemblance is uncanny.

Deadmau5 Troll 2

Thirdly, Beamz actually reaches out offering to send him a free sample product.

Deadmau5 Trol l3

Fourthly, Joel… accepted?  Wait… Wait… The ship to address…is here.