Hilarious DJ Reactions to the DJ Mag Top 100 Results

On Saturday night, many of us EDM fans eagerly awaited the annual results of the world’s top 100 DJs, presented by DJ Magazine. Naturally, Twitter was abuzz with everyone’s thoughts on the matter. It was refreshing to hear humble words of thanks from some of this year’s winners, but also interesting to see some of the more opinionated comments. With the list’s ubiquity and popularity comes a lot of criticism – and the question of how important it is anyway. Check out our list of Twitter highlights, including thanks from the top qualifiers, as well as some commentary from others.

1) Deadmau5 has always got something to say. Remember his comments on MTV earlier this month?

2) Dillon Francis (who placed 73rd) couldn’t help but notice the overwhelmingly Dutch backgrounds of those who made the list.

3) A lot of us were surprised to see Mat Zo ranked so low, at number 93. Here’s what he thought – do you agree?

4) You gotta laugh at this tweet from trap DJ duo Heroes x Villains.

5) Finally, Laidback Luke considers the ups and downs to the hype behind the list. We all have favorite artists we were surprised didn’t make the list – here, he names some of his missing ones, but ends on a good note. Let’s indeed continue to focus on and enjoy the music.


6) A-Trak

7) Dirty South

8) Morgan Page

9) Sasha

10) Chuckie

11) Hardwell, this year’s #1, gave a simple thank you.

12) And always at the top of the list, Tiesto, coming in at number 4, gave thanks for winning DJ Mag’s Legend Award, as well as a shout-out to Hardwell.

13) We have to include trance king Armin Van Buren’s reaction tweet. At #2 this year, Armin is a Top 100 staple.

14) Most DJs took to thanking their fans for their support. After all, it was the fans who voted, and the fans who bring the music to life. Those apart of the #NERVONation were probably happy to see this tweet.

15) But this year’s highest new entry, Dyro, was appreciative for his well-deserved votes.

As Twitter proves, there are many mixed opinions on the matter. Ultimately, the list acts as a good “who’s who” of the year’s most prominent DJs. But it’s simply created by fan’s votes, illustrating the most important thing about being an electronic music listener – you create your own musical moments. You know in your heart who’s number one. At the end of the day, you’ll remember the times you had listening to their music more than you’ll remember their ranking. Here’s to keeping the energy positive!