SirensCeol To Perform At EDC Vegas Discovery Stage For 2nd Time

SirensCeol Performs At EDC Las Vegas For 2nd Time at Discovery Project Stage

On May 20, 2013, Stephen Burke, entered the Discovery Project competition. The Discovery Project is an idea that Insomniac and Moto X collaborated on to “give a voice to undiscovered talent & open the door for those striving for greater exposure.” This idea came to life in June 2012 and one of the producers to benefit greatly from this opportunity is Stephen, better known as SirensCeol. The San Francisco-based producer has been fortunate enough to perform at the EDC Las Vegas Discovery Project stage in 2013 and will be greeting the stage once again this weekend. The first time around was based on the mix he submitted for the competition, but this year, he was invited back as a Discovery Project alumni. Currently standing at over 60,000 Facebook likes, it is safe to say that he has put himself in a good place for years to come. When I spoke with Sirens about his reaction when being asked to perform at the EDC Las Vegas Discovery Project stage for the second year in a row, he said it was “an immediate life changer.”

Performing at any festival where the capacity is over 100,000 attendees is certainly an unforgettable experience. Sirens reflected upon his recent success regarding his debut Monstercat release, ‘Moonlight‘, which was a collaboration with Varien and featured the vocals of Aloma Steele. The chilling cinematic dubstep record on Monstercat effectively spread his name to over 200,000 avid and loyal listeners. Sirens said that landing a record on Monstercat is truly a “gateway to bigger and better things.”

When touching upon Sirens’ earlier years growing up, he said that some of the pieces he used to play as a classical pianist held a sheer darkness that lingers in his productions today. Typically known for blending genres–including dubstep, glitch hop, complextro, electro house and more–he says he will continue to evolve his complex sound and that fans should expect productions similar to that of ‘Moonlight’ in the future.

Pasquale Rotella Reddit AMA

Flashforward to the present, we talked about his upcoming EDC Vegas set. In regards to what he is going to spin, he said he will play a healthy portion of his debut album, in addition to loads of new material. Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella recently mentioned in a Reddit AMA that he is greatly looking forward to hearing SirensCeol’s set. What can we say, the man has good taste. SirensCeol plans on sticking to the roots of his style and playing the kind of electronic music that he loves most.