Porter Robinson’s ‘Sea Of Voices’ Featured in EA’s NHL 15 Trailer

There is no denying that Porter Robinson may be the nerdiest artist in the world of electronic music (and we love him for it!), but we definitely don’t think he would be caught dead playing a hockey game. While he may not be the one holding the controller, Porter has found his way into the NHL 15 trailer, thanks to his magnificent song, “Sea Of Voices“. Electronic Arts debuted the video at E3 yesterday and it has already raked in over 450,000 views on YouTube. Although the game’s soundtrack usually features rock and metal tunes, this could be a sign that the franchise will be switching to a more diverse song selection. Porter’s highly-anticipated album, Worlds, is set to be released on August 12th and will feature “Sea Of Voices” as well as his new singles “Sad Machine” and “Lionhearted“.

In his Reddit AMA yesterday, Porter was asked if he approved of his song in the trailer and he responded: