[Video] Krewella Reminisce About the Day They Dropped Everything for Music

Many fans of the Chicago trio, Krewella, understand the importance of the date 6.8.10. June 8th, 2010, is the day that Jahan, Yasmine, and Rain Man decided to quit their jobs, leave school, and dedicate their full time and attention on Krewella. In the video Krewella released titled “The Day We Grew Our Balls [6.8.10]”, Rain Man starts off by revealing the last job he worked at was at a frozen yogurt counter. Jahan, Yasmine, and Rain Man each give their personal thoughts of what exactly happened on June 8th, 2010, including the fact that at the time, their parents did not exactly agree with their decision to drop everything and pursue Krewella. Krewella’s own words to describe the video are, “Our amazing director Miles Evert put this together last night to celebrate 6-8-10, the day we got the balls to drop everything and dedicate ourselves to krewella full-time!!”