Kaskade Completes YouTube Collection By Uploading Most Recent Album, ‘Atmosphere’

Kaskade Uploads Atmosphere Album to YouTube

When Soundcloud deleted his account, it acted as just the catalyst Kaskade needed to get the wheels turning on some game-changing moves forward in terms of music promotion. While Soundcloud may rank 5th in terms of how people listen to and obtain their music, other mediums such as Twitter and YouTube were still open to Kaskade and his team. A couple of months ago, they decided to hit the latter of the two hard, by uploading almost a decade of music onto his YouTube channel.

His most recent upload endeavor was that of his latest album release of ‘Atmosphere.’ Being one of Kaskade’s more impressive musical feats, the album was one of the few compilations that manages to encapsulate a full spectrum of emotions in just a handful of dance-oriented tracks. You can listen to the entire album for free off of a Youtube Playlist, almost anywhere you are.