Croquet Club – Breath

croquet club - BreatheCroquet Club – Breath
Label: Anjunadeep| Release Date: June 23, 2014

Croquet Club, the “electronic music initiative” of Jeremy Villecourt, has a new EP coming out very soon and it’s looking quite good. Jacuzzi EP will have 3 tracks: Jacuzzi, Rush, and Breath. The track of focus right now though, is Breath. The title is undeniably fitting, this record just feels like light, clean, warm Summer air, and you just wanna take a deep breath of it. The flow is creamy smooth, with builds that slowly swell into a soft melody while guitar riffs and reserved vocals peak and fall, all for it to happen again. There’s something about this tune that check-off both the solemn and energetic boxes. ‘Breath’ can be streamed below, and the EP will drop June 23rd, 2014 on Anjunadeep. Enjoy.