Kaskade Releases First Digital Redux Tune ‘Ain’t Gotta Lie’ + Music Video

Devoid of a label and a recent clash with Soundcloud, has left good guy Kaskade taking matters into his own hands. After sharing some choices thoughts via his Tumblr on the bureaucracy of the music industry, Kaskade hinted at the creation of his own music platform to release music at his own disclosure. With that in mind, the house maestro took to social media this week to self promote his next release, ‘Ain’t Gotta Lie‘, giving fans a quick preview via Instagram.

Receiving a massive reaction on Kaskade’s recent Redux circuit with it’s tantalizing groove and smooth vocals from deCarl, ‘Aint Gotta Lie‘ is an unforgettable house gem.  This marks the first Redux track officially available for digital download (Beatport), and there is more to come–Kaskade’s four track Redux EP will see digital release as well on June 24th. The EP was originally set for exclusive release only on vinyl, leaving fans without record players at a loss. Kaskade sympathized via his socials “I heard you guys, I get it. Tricky business trying to listen to vinyl on your iPod.” Rejoice, the Redux EP will soon be coming to an ipod near you.

But wait, there is more. Kaskade gifts the stems for ‘Ain’t Gotta Lie‘ to fans, challenging them to remix his track, “Think you can do better? Show me.” Kaskade wants to hear your remixes, you can download the stems here and then post on Twitter using #AintGottaRmx so he can find them. Make sure you purchase ‘Ain’t Gotta Lie‘ from Beatport first and happy remixing!