AMTRAC Releases ‘Undefeated/Primal’ EP

If there’s one artist that we simply enjoy watching their rise, it’s AMTRAC. He made his debut at Ultra Music Festival, he was the opener for Mysterland USA and now has shows coming up in June with Audien, Treasure Fingers, and Bixel Boys (among others). His consistent output of quality remixes and originals, and steady rise and popularity have drawn the attention of the behemoth dance label: Armada.  His latest EP will be the third release under their deep house moniker Black Book Audio.  BBA aims to curate a selection of the highest quality deep house music, and with ‘Undefeated/Primal‘ they’ve really set the bar high.

‘Undefeated’ takes on a punchier role, and provides fresh n’ crispy percussion lineup with a simple bassline that is undeniably AMTRAC. Juxtaposing vocals that either strike as eerie or funky, with the track’s high energy, give for a truly deep and dynamic feel. ‘Primal’ serves more as a testament to the power of slow and soothing sounds. Background synths flow with ease and are a nice contrast to the up-beat retro’d keyboard work.