Ultra Miami Releases First Aftermovie, ‘U Are Beautiful’

As always, the “U” for Ultra stands for the attendees… you. Within less than three weeks after the closing of the 16th annual Ultra Music Festival in Miami, the first after-movie has been released, which places more emphasis on the crowd over the DJ performances. Whether you were there in person, or watching on UMF TV, Ultra is thankful for all participants and this is their special way of showing their gratitude. This short video, less than four minutes long (don’t worry, the official after-movie will be here before you know it) flits from image after image of the captivating audience while Electrocisum’s remix of Marc Lawrence’s “Beautiful” plays in the background. This video is an exquisite recap and a tease for 2015 since we cannot wait to be back in that good ole’ sunshine. You can check out our highlights from Ultra 2014 here.