Cedric Gervais – Hashtag

As if The Chainsmokers didn’t already rip on our ridiculous social media habits with their hit song “#SELFIE”, Cedric Gervais has decided to point out another one of our internet antics: the hashtag. This tune highlights everything you either hate or love about Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and every other form of social media. Gervais covers all the essential hashtags such as “#FollowMe”, “#Party” and of course everyone’s new favorite “#Selfie”. Don’t let the catchy vocal samples fool you though, as there is much more to the French producer’s latest tune. Premiered during his Ultra set, Gervais’ latest track shows a completely different side of the Grammy Award winner that is not found in his radio-friendly remixes of “Summertime Sadness” and “Adore You”. This comes to show that just because the man has found a formula for success, that doesn’t mean he has to stray away from producing the type of music that helped kickstart his career.