Watch the Official Music Video for Armin van Buuren’s ‘Save My Night’

Armin van Buuren and company released a music video preview for “Save My Night” mid-December and are back with the official full length video to start off 2014. Apparently, the trance maestro teamed up with Heineken to conduct an experiment on how the DJ affects alcohol consumption, and the footage comprises the official music video for “Save My Night”. Entitled “The Experiment” and official video for the Enjoy Heineken Responsibly Campaign 2014, the experiment took place over the course of two nights at the same nightclub in Miami with the only difference being the DJ. On both nights, bartenders kept track of the number of drink orders which was displayed on a digital counter behind the bar. The Armin-less first night ended with 1078 orders whereas Armin’s surprise guest appearance on the second night ended with 632 orders. Although not rooted in solid scientific methods of testing, the results demonstrate the DJ’s ability to change the energy and momentum of the night by their direction of the music. And, Heineken definitely wins cool points for choosing a consistent hero of the night life. This is also a positive collaboration between two world renowned brands promoting the message of responsibility and getting back to the foundation: great music and dancing. Check out the official video for “Save My Night” and “The Experiment” below and remember to Dance More Drink Slow!