Armin van Buuren – Save My Night
Label: Armada | Release Date: January 6th, 2014
If there’s a current track that literally encapsulates the main priority of a DJ, it would be Armin van Buuren’s “Save My Night”. The track kicks off CD 2 of More Intense with an ominous, deep voice stating, “The music saves my soul. The beat saves my life. Tonight, the DJ saves my night.” “Save My Night” then bursts into sweeping arpeggios in dramatic Baroque stylings that would further justify titling Armin van Buuren as the Bach of dance music. Armada is gearing up for the single’s release next month with this video teaser. In the video, a cloaked Armin slides through a static and lackluster crowd in a Miami nightclub. He steps up to the decks, plugs in his USB into the CDJs, and proceeds to do what he does best: save the night of many by providing unforgettable experiences with his music. Labeled with #DMDS (Dance More Drink Slow), the king of trance is bringing the focus back to what’s most important: the music and the dancing. Check out the video teaser and original mix below and pre-order on Itunes!