Talul – Gefühlschronik (Original Mix)
Label: Ostfunk Records | Release Date: February 01, 2014

German house producer Talul has quietly (well, from the mainstream U.S perspective anyways) been dropping fire tracks for the duration of 2013, and his first entry in 2014 is of equally high quality. Gefühlschronik has an interesting vibe to it, skating the line between elements of deep house, slow progressive additions, and a matrix-esque soundscape. Haunting echoes interweave around a hypnotically simplistic yet catchy melody. The flow of the track is mesmerizing for that reason, and even though the track sits over a fairly speedy 4×4 beat, it almost feels like a down tempo engagement. It’s a good, low key tune to start off an early January week, check it out.

P.S: According to the internet, Gefühl means sense of something or feeling. Take that for what you will, accuracy of translation and all.