Holy Ship Through the Eyes of Social Media [Pictures + Videos]

Holy Ship happened this weekend and I wasn’t on it. Damn. Coping with a severe case of FOMO, however, is made slightly easier in this day and age by the ever looming presence of Instagram. While most of the audience grams are terrible, grainy, and uninteresting (yes, I guess it’s reasonably cool for you that you are standing 5 feet from Tiesto’s back while he plays his set, you and the other 50 people posting the same video from a slightly different angle, however, is only serving to clog up my feed), the DJs themselves generally have a few gems to offer from the weekend. It’s really the perfect scenario. Superstar DJs. On a boat. With us regular folk. And there’s nowhere to go. Let’s take a peak at Holy Ship through the lens of everyones favorite big brother, self induced monitoring app!

We’ll start this piece off with perhaps the most controversial ‘Gram of the weekend (so far). On first view, it appears that everyones favorite EDM buddies, Dillon and Zedd appear to be drunk, and are recording someone receiving medical attention. This begs the headline: How would you feel about Dillon Francis and Zedd peering down at you from above, high as tits, while you were potentially dying? Bucket list? Definitely.

This is perhaps the greatest Instagram of all time. It’s candid and hilarious, while also representing the marvel that is social media in 2014. Think about it. This picture would have taken weeks if not months to surface as recently as three or four years ago. We may not even have been lucky enough to see a Zedd perched on Sonny’s shoulder’s with a grinning Tiesto in tow a few years ago! But now? This pic surfaced probably no more than an hour after it actually happened, all thanks to our dependency on social media (it’s both sad and awesome at the same time, wouldn’t you agree?). What’s the point of even going to anything anymore when you can experience every moment worth experiencing from the comfort of your couch…or toilet?

#tooturntup #larrybird #turndownforwhat But seriously though, how many pictures can we find of DJs poking fun at all the fucked up kids on board? Too many. But who’s counting…

These two though, for real. Why can’t we have a Dillon Francis + Zedd reality TV show?

Tiesto selfies are pretty cool.

Hmm, that pizza looks pretty good.

Kids these days. I think there’s a serious love/hate relationship between the fans and the artists by the end of this whole thing. I mean, there’s probably only so many times you can take girls screaming something incoherent into your face whilst on a boat before you get cranky.

The gang’s all here!

Some people simply have more interesting Instagram accounts than others. Laidback Luke isn’t winning the award for best account any time soon. This is the most exciting photo that he has of his Holy Ship experience, seriously. Oh well, at least he’s good at DJing.

What is this even supposed to be a picture of? This is easily the most related-unrelated Holy Ship pic yet.

Such pic, many boat, much Rukes, very Holy Ship!!!.

Disclosure meets Pharrell! Who, by the way, did you know is like, 40 years old? If I had three wishes, one of them would definitely be to age as well as Skateboard P. Or better yet, to BE Pharrell.

Yet another awesome group pic. Can you name all of them without being a cheater and looking at the tags?

This one is titled “The Ghetto”. I laughed.

Chromeo in the house. It’s great that Holy Ship had them on the trip. Without a doubt, these two put some of the most entertaining, funky, groovetastic shows out there.

Haha, look, it’s Diplo with a pineapple.