deadmau5 Tweets About Free Show at Space Miami and Updates on Album’s Completion

Ok, we admit it. We hang on every word deadmau5 says and follow along with his Twitter feuds because something memorable always happens. The result of his most recent exchange? The artist revealed that his album was complete: 2 discs, 2 continuous mixes and 25 tracks all sum up something he could be proud of.

For a quick second in 2013, deadmau5 relinquished his Twitter to his team who artfully ended each new Tweet with a “meow.” (lol) The only words coming from this account would now be news about the musical side of Joel Zimmerman. This takeover didn’t last long.

Let’s cut to New Year’s Day 2014.

After playing a stellar show in New York on New Year’s Eve, deadmau5 made his annual trek down south to Miami. In the previous years he spun at the decks of Story and the Fontainebleau Hotel pool and this year he was playing at Mansion. After a little past 1am, he surprised his audience by playing in a DJ booth directly across the club from the main booth. Due to the layout of the club, the first section in front of the stage is reserved for VIP. Couches lined the stage and some patrons took full advantage…by sitting with their backs against him and refusing to look up from their phones.

After tweeting a “yawn” mid-set, Joel lost his groove. He felt incredibly disrespected and didn’t hide his disdain, so he took to social media.

Pretty soon, articles were being written up about the show and deadmau5 wasn’t putting out the fire. Miami was OVER for him and the blame was being shot at everybody: The crowd. The promoter. The Club. VIP. Even the artist himself was accused, and we pretty much lost hope that this city would ever get deadmau5 again.

Tada! In came Club Space: This establishment, known to keep the party going well into the dawn, had reached out to the DJ via an open letter on the Internet:

According to Space, they are willing to pay deadmau5 $25,000 for a private plane and 5-star hotel room to play a free show for all his fans. The whole world (I imagine) waited with bated breath for a response. And finally, it came:



The articles were cranked out with updates added every second as Space and mau5 discussed logistics. Towards the end it looked like a deal would be able to go down and all fans rejoiced.



Back to the album news.

Amidst all the responses to the Space letter, deadmau5 nonchalantly tweeted that he had finished his album. Even better? Subscribers to his site got access to download “Get in the Pig Meowingtons.” This was a first hand showing of what subscribers get when they sign up.


I’m not saying the world is a brighter place because Zimmerman runs his Twitter again, but I’m also not not saying that. It’s refreshing to see a celebrity so candid. Yeah, he might be saying harsh things and picking on other kids *cough* Porter *cough*, but we get to go along for the ride. Keep on trolling, deadmau5, and we’ll continue to support. Let’s face it: Miami is too hot to ignore.