Deadmau5 Gives Update on Suckscription Website, Launch Scheduled for Next Week

Recently Deadmau5 has abandoned Twitter and gone to Reddit, and in doing so announced a new subscription type of music service. Well Mau5 fans, we have good news: suckscription is on the horizon. Joel took to r/deadmau5 to announce that his streaming website has been confirmed.

What you need to know:

  1. It will cost $4.999 a month. Yeah that’s right, less then $5.00 a month for all kinds of Deadmau5 goodness!
  2. In roughly a week the site will go live (give or take a day), he just needs to make sure the code is secure.
  3. But the creme de la creme… there will be a huge load of content already uploaded to the site so that when people subscribe there will already be content there waiting for them.