Deadmau5 Announces Album Completion and Updates to his “Suckscription”

Recently, Deadmau5 has taken to Reddit, perhaps to fill an inner void after leaving Twitter.  But his posts of late have been particularly pointed and substantive.  Mr. Zimmerman mentioned in a comment that his next album is already finished, and although he did not mention a release date, it seems that we can expect it to breach the surface some time very very soon.  Perhaps equally as exciting,  Deadmau5 also announced a much more detailed explanation of what will be his new subscription website.  Until now, it has been shrouded in mystery. However, the mau5 just enumerated additional details specifying that the website will have music, photos, a chat portion, a message “bored”, among other features.  He interestingly also has designed the site so that it can be viewed for free, but with additional benefits for paying subscribers.

You can view his whole post with details here.

Overall, Deadmau5′ post about the service seems genuine and well thought out.  If his old Facebook and Twitter posts are any true indicator, it’s deeper purpose is to isolate his artistic output from the ‘haters’ and from the many meaningless (although entertaining) beefs that he frequently starts.  If all goes as planned, “Suckscription” which is supposed to come out first as a desktop application “REALLY friggen soon”, will give us a more pure source for all things Deadmau5, and with the new album set to drop so soon, it’s just in time.

Within Deadmau5′ post enumerating details are a number of especially interesting points.  First, being that he’s “not leaving anyone out just because they can’t or don’t want to pay for stuff.”  But also, despite his apparent displeasure about the chat portion, this website is a direct link for Deadmau5 to talk to his fans, which was the ultimate end that he said Twitter had been inhibiting.  Since “Suckscription” will be ultimately controlled by Joel Zimmerman and his team, there won’t be anything BUT him communicating with his fans.  It will be a direct pipeline between the artist and the people, particularly with the live chat room feature.  This speaks well of Deadmau5, who may have a spiny shell, but based on this and his posts, really cares about his fans and especially how they relate to the music.  If all goes well with “Suckscription”, it could provide a precedent for the way in which other artists preview their music and also how they communicate with fans.