Worldwide EDM Community Reacts to the Electric Zoo Deaths

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This morning we were all shocked by the saddening news that Electric Zoo Festival in New York was canceling its final day of performances, as a result of the death of 2 concert goers, due to apparent drug use. The rave and EDM community is truly a family and this morning, artists from all over the music industry have been using social media to show their condolences for the victims:





Now is the time for the entire EDM community to come out as one and show the rest of the world that this culture is not about drugs. As a community, we are so much more than that. Everyone, from us in the media, to the artists, to you, the fans, are responsible for the image we put forth, and the next few weeks and the rest of the festival season will prove to be a particularly important time to show a united, responsible and loving front.  We need to show that EDM is truly about the music and love for each other. Only together can we endure this terrible tragedy and come out stronger in the end.