Deadmau5 Takes Leap in a DIfferent Direction with ‘Shotty Vs. Mau5’

After publicly criticizing artists for not breaking out of their comfort zone, Deadmau5 would be nothing more than a hypocrite if he continued to release small dance tracks off of his ‘fuckmylife’ sound cloud page. Yet with his release of ‘Shotty Vs. Mau5’ track, he breaks out of his dance music comfort zone into hip-hop which even he stated ‘has never been [his] bread and butter.’

Deadmau5 mentions his workings of this track on his coffee run with Zedd (to see our writeup and video of this click here). He mentioned how he would be flying the vocalist of the track, named Shotty Horroh, out to his studio in Toronto to work on the track for a few days. The result ended up with a laid-back electric track with Shotty’s aggressive-battalist vocals over the top. The tune features most elements of a typical Deadmau5 track, from tight drum hits to side-chained lead chords (which seem overly pulsating at points). Overall the track is interesting, and I look forward to hearing the full release.