Avicii Steps Into the Gaming Industry with “Gravity” For Apple Devices

Avicii Gravity Screenshot

Avicii continues his path as an EDM trailblazer with his newest venture, an App game, released first for Apple devices.  This game, called gravity, is oddly reminiscent to Sonic 2’s half pipe bonus level.  You have two goals, 1) collect the colored items on the right hand side, and 2) not wreck into the obstacles.  You do this by swiping left, right, and up to navigate the “gravity” around you.  Seems easy enough?

The game does well to get you going comfortably, and then after you feel like you’ve mastered it, the game lets you know that the “tutorial lap is complete.”  Oh.  Moving on.  The game is actually fairly challenging, and with every successful set of items collected, the ship speeds up.  If you’re struggling, the game will let you know it, by removing layers of the song you’ve tried so hard to earn.  In other words, if you suck, your background music gets worse.

After you tally your first crash, the game takes you to a summary screen, where it also tells you your progress to reach an exclusive Avicii mix at 80,000,000 points.  DAMN.  Well played Avicii.

Get it here.