With his flurry of releases and ongoing trolling as of late, who knew that Joel Zimmerman (sometimes referred to as Deadmau5) had the time to take 25 minutes out of his day to chauffeur Zedd on a coffee run. This might be an ongoing thing, ladies and gentlemen, whether you like to hear the man openly speak his mind or not. “This is a good idea, I think I’m onto something here doing interviews/coffee runs.” Whatever the case, it’s probably the closest any of us will ever get to sitting in a Ferrari. Although we’re not quite sure where Joel originally got the idea, we surely hope that this turns out to be something similar to Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee… except with DJs and a much cooler car. Zedd had just landed in Toronto, Joel’s hometown, for his ‘Clarity’ tour that night; and Joel didn’t hesitate to swoop the German pioneer up in his ride to talk upcoming music, current projects, Afrojack’s Ferrari 458 and damn Honda Civics on the way to and from Tim Hortons Coffee. Although this wouldn’t quite be considered an interview, one can’t complain about the outspokenness and humorous behavior between the two artists. It’s nice to see someone from the top of the food chain allow the media to have a taste of what it’s like inside a less professional and more open-minded talk zone.