Zumba 2.0 – EDM Classes at Lazer Fitness?

Eric Prydz’s music video touting EDM as a workout is finally a reality with Lazer Fitness.

 Following a few years behind the massive worldwide success of Zumba, Ft. Lauderdale native Scott Liebman made the connection that those who have attended an all day electronic music event already know, dance music events are a pretty awesome workout.  From there, he packed up his things, and took his idea to South Beach.

“I had spent a late night, dancing for several hours, and when I woke up the next morning my legs were hurting, my back was hurting. I was past my physical limit.  It dawned on me that night — this would be a great way to exercise.”

Thus began Lazer Fitness.  In this new Miami, Fl endeavor,  Liebman gathered a team including: a teacher to develop the EDM-inspired workouts, a local nightclub, Grand Central to host events, and a resident DJ, Supersede, to play during the classes.  Liebman’s angle?  LazerFitness aims to give its members the workout of an EDM event, as an EDM fitness class, without the potential negatives that come from partying into the wee hours of the morning.  Grand Central even plans to open up the bar during these events, serving smoothies, shakes, and other recovery foods in lieu of alcohol and carbonated drinks and have touted it as a good way to warm up for a good evening.
This is certainly an interesting possibility, right?  Putting an EDM-based fitness project in Ultra’s backyard, in a city that values model-like physiques, with a healthy nightlife, held in an actual dance club?  Looking at their facebook page, Lazer Fitness already has six workout volumes, with its most recent mix including Ummet Ozcan, Jacob Plant, Basto, and Gareth Emery.  What do you think?  Would you try it?

Lazer Fitness hosts its first class September 17th.