Kaskade – MIA to LAS

With the recent release of his track “Atmosphere”, Kaskade’s popularity has skyrocketed into a position held by only a chosen few. Over the past few weeks, Kaskade’s newest single brought him onto Billboard’s Dance Music top-ten listings. Following in the wake of his most recent hit, Kaskade released a track preview from his upcoming album release. The track is titled “MIA to LAS,” and is part of a twelve track preview series intended to build hype around the full album release, currently scheduled for September 10.

Tthe “MIA to LAS” preview shows a deep house influence that harkens back to Kaskade’s earlier productions. While having an older feel to the track, there remains a catchy, repetitive, and infectious synth rifts that are the signature of Kaskade’s productions.

The full track will be released through Kaskade’s Facebook page on September 5.