Arty feat. Fiora – Grand Finale (Arston Remix)

Young Russian producer, Arty, stormed onto the trance scene last year with memorable and melodic tracks under Above & Beyond’s flagship label, Anjunabeats. Arty released the huge track ‘Together We Are‘ and his latest hit is the melodic vocal trance track  ‘Grand Finale‘. Up and coming producer Arston, who is the genius behind ‘Zodiac‘, took to remixing Arty’s ‘Grand Finale‘.

Arston took the beautifully melodic trance aspects of the track and broke them apart and infused them with his signature hollow pitched drum beats to create a more energetic version of ‘Gran Finale‘. Still managing to showcase Fiora‘s beautiful voice with minimal melodic support, Arston drops the sound into an energy driven breakdown with sirens, crashing percussion and striking sound blips. The combination of floating melodies that swell and then crash with energy define Arston’s tracks. This remix of ‘Grand Finale‘ is energetic, beautiful and overall aurally pleasing.

Arty feat. Fiora – Grand Finale (Arston Remix) | Beatport